Let your Mach-o fly round-up

Hey all,

this is my first blog post for Nibblesec. So I decided to start from what I did in the last couple of months.
I was mainly involved in some research on OS X. Specifically a way to create a userland execve() on Mac OS X.
So if you are interested in it, here are a few links that might help you:

And finally a nice video I made on my technique and Safari.

I'll be speaking with Charlie Miller about In-memory attacks at Black Hat Europe 2009. I'm looking forward to meeting you there.


3, 2, 1... In Mission

Hello Internet,
this is our first post, so stop wondering "who the hell are these NibbleSec guys".
We'll start answering a couple of questions.

  • We're not a commercial entity

  • We're not a ub3r3l33t black-hat crew

  • We're not a new initiative the internet really does not need

NibbleSec is just a label on a team of four friends who live in the Information Security world, and that's it.
We're going to use this blog as a launchpad for some of our researches, publishing tools and insights. There are plenty of similar blogs around the net, so here's our personal version.

We have some nice things in the oven, so stay tuned because we're going to serve a couple of hot dishes in a while!

Oh, we were almost forgetting this one: you might be interested in knowing who's behind NibbleSec.org !?
No problem, here you are: BlackFire, Daath, Ikki and Snagg.

See you soon in the next post!